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Author: JJS

danbooru API based on documentation from danbooru 1.0 - http://attachr.com/7569
I've only been able to test add_post and find_tags because I use the old danbooru firefox extension for firefox 1.5

Functions currently implemented:

  • add_post - title and rating are currently ignored because shimmie does not support them
  • find_posts - sort of works, filename is returned as the original filename and probably won't help when it comes to actually downloading it
  • find_tags - id, name, and after_id all work but the tags parameter is ignored just like danbooru 1.0 ignores it
CHANGELOG 13-OCT-08 8:00PM CST - JJS Bugfix - Properly escape source attribute 17-SEP-08 10:00PM CST - JJS Bugfix for changed page name checker in PageRequestEvent 13-APR-08 10:00PM CST - JJS Properly escape the tags returned in find_tags and find_posts - Caught by ATravelingGeek Updated extension info to be a bit more clear about its purpose Deleted add_comment code as it didn't do anything anyway 01-MAR-08 7:00PM CST - JJS Rewrote to make it compatible with Shimmie trunk again (r723 at least) It may or may not support the new file handling stuff correctly, I'm only testing with images and the danbooru uploader for firefox 21-OCT-07 9:07PM CST - JJS Turns out I actually did need to implement the new parameter names for danbooru api v1.8.1. Now danbooruup should work when used with /api/danbooru/post/create.xml Also correctly redirects the url provided by danbooruup in the event of a duplicate image. 19-OCT-07 4:46PM CST - JJS Add compatibility with danbooru api v1.8.1 style urls for find_posts and add_post. NOTE: This does not implement the changes to the parameter names, it is simply a workaround for the latest danbooruup firefox extension. Completely compatibility will probably involve a rewrite with a different URL

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